Jorge Cabrita

Jorge Cabrita
Research Manager, Working Life unit, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

Short introduction

Jorge Cabrita is a research manager in the Working Life unit at Eurofound. He is responsible for formulating, coordinating and managing European-wide studies, surveys and publications, and promoting the dissemination of findings through the participation in debates, conferences, seminars and workshops in the thematic areas of working conditions and industrial relations. Research areas have included absenteeism from work, the working poor, work-related stress, helping young workers during the crisis, industrial relations and working conditions in central public administration, gender issues in social partner organisations, working time regulation, practice and patterns, work-life balance and fraudulent forms of contracting work. He contributes regularly to the analysis of the European Working Conditions Survey data and is currently responsible for research on working conditions and workers’ health and gender equality at work. He holds a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Socio-Organisational Systems of Economic Activity from the Lisbon School of Economics.


Working Conditions and Workers’ Health and Wellbeing in the EU

The promotion of healthy working conditions has been at the core of the European Union commitments. Ensuring the sustainability of pension systems in the context of an ageing population has become a priority which requires more individuals to stay in employment for longer. At the same time, pressure on workers is rising due in part to evermore changes in how work is organised and performed, which, in turn, impact the type and composition of the risks associated to work. In order to allow workers’ to remain in the labour force for longer, work must be made sustainable by reducing health-impairing conditions and foster health-promoting ones. To pursue such goal understanding the relationships between working conditions and workers’ health and wellbeing is as relevant as ever. Recent Eurofound research examines the associations between working conditions and workers’ health and wellbeing in the EU28, on the basis of the European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) data, in particular from 2015. The main findings of this research will be shared in the 7th FOHNEU International Congress.